Why local Flowers?


It may seem small, but local flowers are important! Flowers grown across the world don't just get to you much older and use a lot of energy to get to you than local flowers-- they're sprayed with chemicals that are unknown and unregulated. While Fat River is not certified organic we use only organic growing practices with our flowers. Flowers in our city increase pollinator habitats, sequester carbon and create oxygen. There is a brutal side to the floral industry which includes a great deal of labor abuse and unfair wage practices across the world. Fat River flowers contributes to farm worker advocacy organizations to work to eradicate these processes. In the interim we believe that local flowers are a good solution to an industry that can be less than beautiful. 

Will everything in my bouquet be grown by you?

Not always. We are a small farm, tiny by all measures. Fat River is collectively just over an acre. While many bouquets during our peak season are only our flowers (and you can request that!) there may be styles or times of year that require we purchase from other local growers, like our friends within the New Orleans Flower Collective. If flowers are scarce locally we will order American Grown cut flowers. As a last resort we do occasionally order imported flowers, like a conventional florist. These are the same flowers you get from any shop or in almost every wedding bouquet, but we do try to avoid them if possible. While we don't ever want to hurt the floral industry we believe purchasing power directed at flowers that are the product of treating the earth and it's humans well will help impact positive change. 

May I come pick out the flowers?

Unfortunately, we can't accommodate this request at the moment. Visitors to the farm impact our insurance too much. Additionally flower farming can be pretty minute-to-minute so it is difficult to give tours or field questions during field work time. We'd be happy to have you as a volunteer if you'd like to see the property! Send us an email to enquire about volunteer opportunities.